Commission’s Brand Advocates Garner Nearly Two Million Impressions in May and June

  • Aug 29, 2023

The California Avocado Commission partnered with two food and lifestyle influencers recognized for their compelling and exciting storytelling abilities, excellent photography skills, loyal following and love for California avocados. Each influencer partner published unique California avocado recipes, photos, social content and videos to their respective social media channels and blogs — driving awareness of the California avocado season across a wide range of targeted consumers. Together, they secured nearly two million impressions in May and June.

Each of the brand advocates shared corresponding photography, encouraged consumers to purchase California avocados during their peak season, touted the benefits of their beloved Golden State fruit and provided relevant information about the proper use and handling of fresh avocados. When sharing posts on their social channels, the Brand Advocates used CAC-related hashtags (#CaliforniaAvocados) to drive traffic to CAC’s social channels and disclose the paid partnership.

Ewa and Jeromy Ko of Nom Life served as CAC’s TikTok partner while Remy Park of Veggie Kins served as the Commission’s Instagram and blog partner. To educate their followers and build excitement around California avocado season, each created recipes based on specific themes that encouraged creativity and wove seamlessly with CAC’s seasonal messaging. In keeping with May’s “rich and refined” theme, NomLife crafted California Avocado Ice Cream on the Half Shell — an eye-catching dessert easily made at home with California avocados, coconut milk and honey. Remy Park’s Cucumber, Melon and California Avocado Salad paired the Golden State fruit with vegan feta, mint, cucumber and melon — perfect for a warm summer day.

June, which was themed “unique and unexpected,” featured a California Avocado Matcha White Chocolate Mousse by Remy Park. This striking green dessert features a rich and creamy California avocado base and can be prepared in less than 10 minutes. NomLife showcased a unique take on Caesar salad — creating a Vegan California Avocado Caesar Salad that includes butter lettuce and furikake. These recipes showcased to consumers unique and new ways of enjoying California avocados.

By partnering with well-known and trusted influencers, CAC expanded its reach across different social media platforms while strengthening credibility, aiding brand loyalty and engaging consumers. Combined paid (contracted content) from Veggie Kins and NomLife   yielded nearly 177,000 impressions. In addition, in May NomLife’s content featuring California avocados garnered an additional 1.4 million earned (unpaid) impressions on Instagram.

NomLife’s unique California Avocado Ice Cream on the Half Shell offers a refreshing summer dessert.

Remy Park created a unique salad combining fresh fruit, California avocados, mint and vegan feta.

NomLife shared a fresh take on Caesar salad with fans across various social media channels.

As part of June’s “unique and unexpected” theme, Remy Park created a Matcha White Chocolate Mousse perfect for summer entertaining.

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