CAC Celebrates Avocados and Partner’s Award-winning Success at IFPA Foodservice Conference

  • Sep 14, 2022

The International Fresh Produce Association Foodservice Conference provides the California Avocado Commission with the opportunity to reinforce its position as a resource for all things avocado and showcase, in person, the resources it has available to help attendees support their menus with California avocados. The event took place from July 28-29 in Monterey, CA.

This year, there was an added benefit to the Commission attending the IFPA event — celebrating Nordstrom Restaurant Group’s “Produce Excellence in Foodservice, Retail category” award. The Commission and its foodservice team were honored to nominate Nordstrom (a foodservice partner) for the award and pleased to support the Nordstrom team who attended IFPA and were recognized at the event.

Throughout the conference, CAC’s foodservice team participated in sessions and receptions, networking with key industry contacts. During their conversations, the CAC team discussed the various resources it has available for foodservice operators to help encourage demand for and loyalty to California avocados.

More than 250 attendees also stopped by CAC’s booth to sample the California Avocado Roll Bowl and discuss menu and promotional opportunities. The recipe did an excellent job of showcasing how fresh California avocados are important to building flavorful and memorable dishes — balancing the heat and complementing other ingredients in unique menu applications.

The Vesta foodservice team discusses California avocados with Alexei Rudolf, CAC foodservice team member, and Dave Cruz, CAC business development director.

A 2022 IFPA Emerging Leader representative speaks with Dave Cruz about the Commission and California avocados.

Alexei Rudolph responding to questions from Nick Yeager with Lazy Dog Restaurants

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