Bristol Farms Stores Participated in one of CAC’s Top Promotions in 2022

  • Oct 25, 2022

Shoppers recognize Bristol Farms stores for their attractive and custom produce departments, therefore the retail chain is an ideal partner for promoting California avocados to build loyalty and awareness of the brand. Throughout the month of August, 19 produce managers in Bristol Farms and Lazy Acres stores across Southern California participated in a CAC promotion and sales contest.

The sales contest was highly impactful because of its integrated components and the extended duration of the contest. Throughout August, Bristol Farms and Lazy Acres stores used a variety of eye-catching components to engage shoppers. Not only did the contest promote bulk conventional and organic avocados in four different sizes, it also included fresh-made guacamole with California avocados. The stores utilized creative signage and displays to showcase a variety of sizes and changed their promotions weekly to drive sales and excitement for both conventional and organic locally grown avocados.

The retailer’s sales contest results reflected a more than 30% increase in units in the top three winning stores. Full-season support was secured through this late season sales and signage contest and the results indicate a good increase in movement of the fruit during August.

The Commission also selected the top displays and best creative signs, which are featured in the photos below.

This Bristol Farms store earned the best overall display from the Commission.

The Commission chose this sign as the best creative sign.

The second place display winner for the Bristol Farms’ sales and promotion contest.

This display was featured in the top-selling Bristol Farms store.

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