GreenSheet | April 1, 2019

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CAC Annual Meetings Will Showcase CAC’s 40-year History

  • Mar 06, 2019

California avocado growers and industry stakeholders are encouraged to attend one of the California Avocado Commission’s Annual Meetings where we will showcase CAC’s 40-year history, share important updates and seek input from attendees concerning avocado industry initiatives

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Commission Launches 40-year Interactive Timeline

  • Mar 21, 2019

The California avocado industry has come a long way since 1978, when the California Avocado Commission was established. To showcase the history of the Commission and the California avocado industry, CAC has launched an interactive 40-year timeline showcasing the rise of the Commission as a leader in the produce industry and California avocados as a premium product.

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Revised Weekly Projects for California Avocado Season Are Available

  • Mar 26, 2019

The California Avocado Commission has revised the 2019 season crop projections based on feedback from its February crop, board and committee meetings. The new weekly projections are now available online.

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Phytophthora Root Rot Information Sought for New Soil Microbe Research Project

  • Apr 01, 2019

Dr. Mike Coffey, Professor of Plant Pathology, UC Riverside, is working on a project to test for which microbes in avocado soils suppress Phytophthora root rot using a model greenhouse system and he needs the help of California avocado growers. If you are a grower in Ventura or Santa Barbara Counties, Dr. Coffey would like to speak with you.

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Phosphorus Can Be Used as a Fertilizer and Stimulant for Avocados

  • Mar 26, 2019

Phosphorus (P) is an element that plays an important role in California avocado groves. The role it plays, however, depends on its oxidation state. Learn more.

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Upcoming Webinar Focuses on Glyphosate-resistant Weeds in Orchards

  • Mar 28, 2019

Dr. Brad Hanson, a UCCE specialist, will discuss herbicide resistance and the identification and lifecycle of glyphosate-resistant weeds in orchards during a webinar on April 24, from 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. Learn more.

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Commission Showcases California Avocados in Important Northern California Market

  • Mar 27, 2019

The California Avocado Commission was a key sponsor of the Fresh Produce and Floral Council Northern California Luncheon in one of the most important markets for California avocados — the northern sector of the Golden State.

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Commission’s Tiered Account Program Now in its Fourth Year Has Delivered an FOB Price Advantage

  • Mar 20, 2019

The California Avocado Commission’s Tiered Account Program plays a critical role in aligning supply and marketing activities to identify and target regions where consumers are willing to pay a premium for California avocado. The program has been a success — with data from 2018 indicating that California avocados sold within the state received an18 percent FOB premium over imports.

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