The California Avocado Decision Support Tools System (DST) provides California avocado growers with online decision support tools to help guide them through grove management decisions concerning fertilization and irrigation to maximize yield.

Yield Potential Calculator

The Yield Potential Calculator was developed based on years of plant tissue sampling research conducted by the University of California to determine optimal leaf nutrient values for maximum avocado yield. By entering specific grove yield, on/off yield, scion/rootstock variety and leaf tissue analysis values, growers can generate a report that will indicate how much reduction from maximum yield a nutrient deficiency or excess is causing. The report also ranks, in order of importance, how critical each nutrient deficiency or excess is to yield to help growers determine which nutrient issues to address first.

Irrigation Calculator

The Irrigation Calculator generates irrigation system-specific run times by week based on the California Irrigation Management Information System (CIMIS) predicted and actual evapotranspiration rates, your grove age, tree spacing and irrigation system. The system also allows growers to download detailed and summary reports for your records.

These tools are available once you create an account and login. To create an account, you will need your CAC Grower ID number. If you need assistance locating your CAC Grower ID, please contact CAC at 949.341.1955.

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