The topics to be covered include pest and disease identification and management, scouting and pruning.

The speakers at each event are as follows:

San Luis Obispo

  • Anna Howell: Entomologist - Biocontrol
  • Tom Roberts: Entomologist, PCA - Persea/Thrips/Scouting Control
  • Ben Faber: Soils/Water/Subtropical Crops Advisor - Disease
  • Gabe Filipe: Dirctor of California Sourcing and Farming at Mission Produce - Pruning


  • Anna Howell: Entomologist - Biocontrol
  • Jane Delahoyde: Pest Control Advisor at Oxnard Pest Control Assn. - Persea Scouting/Control
  • Tom Roberts: Entomologist, PCA - Thrips/ISHB Scouting/Scouting
  • Ben Faber: Soils/Water/Subtropical Crops Advisor - Disease
  • Tim Spann: CAC Research Program Director - Pruning


  • Anna Howell: Entomologist - Biocontrol
  • Jim Davis: Entomologist, PCA - Persea/Lacebug Scouting/Control
  • Jim Davis: Entomologist, PCA - Thrips/ISHB Scouting/Control
  • Patricia Manosalva: Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology and Director of the UCR Avocado Breeding Program at UC Riverside - Disease
  • Ben Faber: Soils/Water/Subtropical Crops Advisor - Pruning

These are field-based meetings and will involve walking through the respective groves at each location. Please plan accordingly, wear sturdy shoes, and don’t forget your hat and sunscreen.

Contact CAS at 949-940-8869 for more information.

09 Apr
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Cal Poly/Mission Produce grove. Meet at the Cal Poly Meat Lab Parking lot, Stemner Creek Rd (follow signs from Hwy 1)
San Luis Obispo, CA
10 Apr
9:00am - 11:00am
Pine Tree Ranch, 19455 E. Telegraph Rd,
Santa Paula, CA
11 Apr
12:30pm - 2:30pm