The topics to be covered include pest and disease identification and management, scouting and pruning. Those who attend the event are eligible for two hours of CEU credits.

The speakers at each event are as follows:

San Luis Obispo

  • Anna Howell: Entomologist - Biocontrol
  • Tom Roberts: Entomologist, PCA - Persea/Thrips/Scouting Control
  • Ben Faber: Soils/Water/Subtropical Crops Advisor - Disease
  • Gabe Filipe: Dirctor of California Sourcing and Farming at Mission Produce - Pruning


  • Anna Howell: Entomologist - Biocontrol
  • Jane Delahoyde: Pest Control Advisor at Oxnard Pest Control Assn. - Persea Scouting/Control
  • Tom Roberts: Entomologist, PCA - Thrips/ISHB Scouting/Scouting
  • Ben Faber: Soils/Water/Subtropical Crops Advisor - Disease
  • Tim Spann: CAC Research Program Director - Pruning


  • Anna Howell: Entomologist - Biocontrol
  • Jim Davis: Entomologist, PCA - Persea/Lacebug Scouting/Control
  • Jim Davis: Entomologist, PCA - Thrips/ISHB Scouting/Control
  • Patricia Manosalva: Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology and Director of the UCR Avocado Breeding Program at UC Riverside - Disease
  • Ben Faber: Soils/Water/Subtropical Crops Advisor - Pruning

Detailed information and directions to the field meetings locations can be found here or in the Related Content on the right. These are field-based meetings and will involve walking through the respective groves at each location. Please plan accordingly, wear sturdy shoes, and don’t forget your hat and sunscreen.

Contact CAS at 949-940-8869 for more information.

09 Apr
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Cal Poly/Mission Produce grove. Meet at the Cal Poly Meat Lab Parking lot, Stemner Creek Rd (follow signs from Hwy 1)
San Luis Obispo, CA
10 Apr
9:00am - 11:00am
Pine Tree Ranch, 19455 E. Telegraph Rd,
Santa Paula, CA
11 Apr
12:30pm - 2:30pm
Nick Stehly Ranch (See Related Content for Directions)
Valley Center, CA