Western Growers Urges Growers to Stop UFW Housing Bill

  • Sep 09, 2019

The Western Growers Association is urging its constituents to contact their senators and urge them to stop or delay passage of AB 1783 until amendments are made.

According to Western Growers, AB 1783 creates a new permitting process for farmworker housing located on agricultural land that is “unworkable”. According to the bill, permits for housing will be issued only if the operation is turned over to a third party who would operate it via a 35-year deed restriction. However, the landowner would remain responsible for the housing and assume full liability of any claims associated with the operation.

AB 1783 also prohibits state funding for the “planning, development and operation” of housing for H-2A employees. In addition, any state funding secured for domestic worker housing would have to be reimbursed to the state if H-2A workers are housed in those facilities. These mandates are discriminatory and counter to California’s Constitution, which prohibits discrimination in housing based on immigration status.

For more information, read the coalition letter opposing AB 1783. Interested parties can sign an online petition and are urged to call their senators immediately as AB 1783 has already passed in the California Assembly.

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