Western Foodservice Chains Feature California Avocado Branded LTOs

  • Aug 23, 2018

During peak season, the California Avocado Commission partnered with targeted foodservice chains to showcase limited-time-offer (LTO) branded promotions. The promotions extended the reach of the California Avocados brand in Western regional markets featuring point of purchase (POP) assets and social media posts.

From July 2 — August 6, Elmer’s featured fresh California avocados in the California Omelet and Sunrise Skillet. Twenty-six locations in California, Idaho, Oregon and Washington featured customized menus and posters with mouth-watering recipe photography and a call-out graphic noting, “We proudly serve” above the California Avocados brand logo.

Diners at 65 Another Broken Egg locations in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions had the opportunity to select from a wide range of fresh California avocado menu items, including the Hey Lucy Omelette, Monterey Omelette, Southwest Scrambler, Salmon Power Bowl, Protein Power Bowl, California Club Sandwich, B.L.A.S.T. Sandwich, Southwest Cop Salad and Chilaquiles. In additional to POP materials and social media posts, the LTO items and the California Avocados brand logo were featured on the chain’s catering menu and in digital promotional materials.

Marie Callender’s showcased fresh slices of California avocado atop the Cabo San Lucas Burger as part of the seasonal “Burger & Pies Combo” promotion at 56 locations in California, Nevada and Utah. The California Avocados brand logo also was featured prominently on in-store POP and in the “special features” rotation of the chain’s online home page.

These foodservice promotions encourage sales of California avocados and also inspire fans with unique ways of preparing California avocado dishes at home.

Elmer’s showcased two California avocado menu items at 26 locations in California, Idaho and Oregon.

POS posters at Elmer’s noted the chain “proudly serves” fresh California avocados.

Another Broken Egg’s catering menu prominently displayed the California Avocados brand logo as part of its LTO summer promotion.

Fresh slices of California avocado were showcased in Marie Callender’s popular Burger & Pie Combos LTO promotion.

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