Ventura County Sheriff’s Office Encourages Growers to Utilize App to Report Crimes

  • Aug 26, 2016

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office Farm Watch has partnered with Nextdoor, a private online social network that makes it easy for neighbors to share real time information about thefts and crime using a cell phone, tablet or computer. The App is free and can be used to:

  • Organize a Neighborhood Watch Group
  • Share real-time information about a crime in the area
  • Instantly share details about a suspicious person, vehicle or activity
  • Post pictures of suspicious people, vehicles, vandalism and stolen property

Detective Chip Cadman encourages growers to partner with the Sheriff’s Office and utilize the Nextdoor app to report theft, crime and vandalism. When reporting a crime or suspicious activity, it is important to share the following information:

  • Age, height, weight, facial hair, clothing and shoe type of suspicious persons
  • License plate number, color, body damage, bumper stickers, type of tire, camper shell and other pertinent information concerning suspicious vehicles
  • Time and information concerning the last known direction of travel of the person and/or vehicle

California avocado growers can join the Sheriff’s Office, Major Crimes Bureau, Agricultural Crime network on Nextdoor by clicking on this link

For more information, contact Detective Cadman at, 805.384.4726 (office) or 805.797.6424 (cell).

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