Ventura County Issues ID Cards for Critical Ag Workers

  • Apr 13, 2020

On April 6, 2020, Ventura County Agricultural Commissioner Ed Williams announced that the County of Ventura has created Agricultural Essential Worker Cards for use during the COVID-19 pandemic. The cards are available in both English and Spanish, identify the card holder as an essential worker and provide space to add employment information.

The cards were produced in partnership with the County Executive Office, the Farmworker Resource Program and the Agricultural Commissioner’s Office. The cards are intended to ease workers’ concerns about traveling to and from work, and are part of a voluntary program.

To request cards for your employees, contact the Ventura County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office at 805.388.4222 or email requests to Please note how many employee cards you are requesting.

The Ventura County memo concerning the Agricultural Essential Worker Cards is available in the right-hand navigation (English version and Spanish version).

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