USDA Launches New Online Tools to Assist with H-2A Applications and Farm Loans

  • Apr 05, 2019

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) website has two new tools to assist farmers with H-2A visa applications and to manage their farm loans.

The H-2A Visa Program helps growers fill employment gaps by hiring workers from other nations. The USDA’s H-2A Visa Program page provides an overview of the program, defines what labor situations qualify for the program, summarizes the costs of the program and defines different H-2A visa application paths (standard, emergency, immediate need, extending workers.) In addition, growers can create their own H-2A visa checklist. By answering a few online questions, growers can compile a checklist of requirements, fees and forms, as well as a timeline.

 To help growers manage their farm loans, the USDA site also provides a web portal that growers can log into and view their:

  • Loan information
  • Interest payments
  • Loan advance
  • Payment history
  • Paid-in-full and restructured loans
  • Account alerts
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