Two New Chain Partners Showcase Late Summer Fresh California Avocados

  • Oct 23, 2020

In August two new chain partners — Wahoo’s Fish Tacos and Islands Restaurants — celebrated the late summer California avocado season with menu items featuring the fresh fruit. By partnering with these chains, the California Avocado Commission reinforced messaging highlighting summer as the season of California avocados, generated interest in the fruit when dining away from home and supported foodservice operators in a time of need.

From August 1 — mid-October, 26 Wahoo’s Fish Tacos locations in Arizona, California, Nevada and Oregon have featured a new menu item: Sunset Chopped Chicken Salad with Honey Lime Vinaigrette with fresh slices of California avocado. The new menu item has been promoted in-store with posters and counter cards and on the chain’s Instagram and Facebook channels with assets featuring the California Avocados brand logo.

Fresh California avocados, and menu items that contain the Golden State fruit, were featured at 53 Islands Restaurants locations throughout California. The promotions ran from August 10 – September 7 on the chain’s website, in its eNewsletter and on its Facebook and Instagram channels. The social posts contained messages such as, “@caavocados make everything better.”

Amanda Cameron, Director of Marketing, Islands Restaurants was pleased about the chain’s relationship with CAC’s marketing team. “Partnering with CAC was wonderful! Next year I would like to get more creative and introduce an LTO (Limited Time Offer) and/or a contest… You were extremely helpful and made it super easy. I am working on the 2021 calendar so I will earmark this time again next year.”

Wahoo’s Fish Tacos featured its new California avocado menu item with in-store signage.

The California Avocados brand logo was prominently featured in the chain’s social media posts.

Islands Restaurant’s e-newsletter invited diners to enjoy avocados sourced from local California farms.

Islands featured a Maui Burger with fresh California avocados.

A great vegetarian option at Islands: an Impossible Burger dressed with California avocados.

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