Two Celebrated Food Halls Showcasing Culinary Versatility of California Avocados in June

  • Jun 12, 2018

In the weeks leading up to California Avocado Month, the California Avocado Commission (CAC) stoked California avocado fans’ excitement with media outreach, events, digital content and social media posts showcasing new recipes and specialty menu items designed to whet consumers’ appetites for their favorite fruit.

This year, CAC has partnered with two well-known food halls — Grand Central Market in Los Angeles, California and Pine Street Market in Portland, Oregon — to showcase California avocados’ wide range of culinary possibilities at select restaurants in each food hall. To generate excitement around the California avocado-themed menu items available at these popular food halls, in late May the Commission hosted a California Avocado month Preview Event at each hall where select media and influencer guests could sample — and capture photos of— the unique dishes and then share their experiences on their social media channels. To personalize the California avocado growing process, California avocado growers were on hand to visit with members of the media. Rick Shade, chairman of the CAC Board, joined the media influencers at Grand Central Market; Jessica Hunter, secretary of the CAC Board, shared her experiences with attendees at the Pine Street Market. Chef Margarita Matzke, of Sari Sari Store, served as event spokesperson at Grand Central Market while Chef Kim Malek, of Wiz Bang Bar, was spokesperson at Pine Street Market.

Artisan Chef Partners at each food hall venue developed California avocado recipes showcasing the versatility of the fruit and their own personal style. California Avocado Month dishes at Grand Central Market are available in June as follows:

  • Sari Sari Store. The Chicken Adobo Fried Rice Bowl with California Avocados features organic chicken, garlic rice, pickled chiles and a fried egg topped with fresh slices of California avocado; the California Avocado Slush is a refreshing, blended drink perfect for hot summer days
  • Horse Thief BBQ. A traditional Brisket Sandwich topped with a tangy Smoked California Avocado Relish
  • Ramen Hood. The Spicy California Avocado Tuna (Beet) Crisps are prepared with red sugar beets, sesame, chili and yuzu sauce
  • Olio Wood Fired Pizza. The Shakshuka Bialy Pizza is filled with Moroccan spiced tomato sauce, cage free egg, crumbled feta, fresh California avocado and roasted pine nuts
  • Golden Road Brewing. California Avocado Mashed Potatoes include tomato, red onion, cilantro, bacon and white cheddar
  • Prawn. Prepared on a bed of greens, the California Avocado Shrimp Cocktail includes Napa cabbage, pickled carrots, pickled red onion and an oregano vinaigrette

The Pine Street Market restaurant partners will offer the following:

  • Wiz Bang Bar. The Frozen Yogurt and California Avocado Lime Fudge Parfait includes Pacific Northwest blueberries and California avocado lime fudge
  • Bless Your Heart Burgers. Prepared with North West Natural Beef, the California Avocado Bacon Burger with Ranch is served on a Martin’s potato roll with Duke’s mayonnaise, shredded lettuce, sweet onions and homemade pickles
  • Checkerboard Pizza. The California Avocado and Little Gem Caesar is prepared with Meyer Lemon and Calabrian chili, marinated California avocado, croutons and Grana Padano
  • Olympia Provisions Public House Annex. Prepared with Olympia Provisions Andouille sausage, the Oregon Bay Shrimp Roll with California Avocado is served on a bun with jalapeno, red onion, shredded lettuce, aioli, Old Bay seasoning and bread and butter pickles

To generate buzz and excitement around the California Avocado Month dishes available at these select vendors — and to inspire fans to try new California avocado dishes when dining out or at home — the Commission and its Chef Partners will showcase these artisanal menu items throughout the month of June on digital and social media channels.

Some of the vendors’ featured California Avocado Month dishes at Grand Central Market.

California Avocado Commission Board Executive Committee member Jessica Hunter addressing the media at the Pine Street Market event in Portland.

Wild Berry Frozen Yogurt and California Avocado Lime Fudge Parfait created by Wiz Bang Bar for the California Avocado Month Preview Event at Pine Street Market, Portland.

CAC Chairman Rick Shade and Jan DeLyser address the media at the California Avocado Month Preview Event at Grand Central Market, Los Angeles.

California Avocado Month Preview Event guests shared their excitement with fans on social media.

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