Thirty-second Annual Fallbrook Avocado Festival Gathers Nearly 100,000 Fans

  • May 11, 2018

Each year, thousands of California avocado fans attend the Fallbrook Avocado Festival eagerly seeking new California avocado recipes, nutrition information and answers to their questions about growing their favorite Golden State fruit. Once again, the California Avocado Commission (CAC) joined nearly 100,000 California avocado fans at the mid-April event, which is held along the Main Avenue of picturesque Fallbrook, California.


CAC board members Leo McGuire and Ryan Rochefort, Del Rey Field Representative Wayne Brydon and California avocado grower Charley Wolk served along with CAC staff in the Commission’s festival booth. They shared usages ideas for avocados, California avocado giveaways and recipe booklets while answering fans’ and grower questions about the California avocado growing process.


The festival continues to be an effective and impactful means of meeting California avocado fans face-to-face while generating excitement for the start of the California avocado season. Attendees shared their favorite California avocado festival photos on their social media platforms using CAC’s Snapchat filter, expanding the reach of the event to the digital realm. Fans who couldn’t attend the festival also were able to enjoy real-time updates via the Commission’s social media channels.

California avocado Grower Charley Wolk and CAC Board Member Leo McGuire answering questions about California avocados.

The Commission’s tent is always popular with festival attendees eager for new California avocado recipes and giveaways.

CAC’s David Cruz and Miriam Martinez pose for a photo at the festival using the CAC Snapchat filter.

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