Survey Seeks Grower Input Concerning the Use of Tissue-culture Technology

  • Jan 13, 2020

The Mitter avocado tissue culture program at the University of Queensland Australia is seeking input from California avocado growers concerning their perceptions of tissue culture (TC) plant propagation. TC grows new rootstocks by rooting a small piece of plant tissue from a high-quality tree. The TC plants are not genetically modified and are genetically identical to their “mother” plant.

The University is currently conducting multi-site field trials of rootstocks, analyzing the economics of this technology and developing TC protocols in an effort to reduce the industry’s reliance on seeds and increase the availability of rootstock and scion for growers.

In partnership with Central Queensland University, the researchers have created an online survey to gather industry perceptions of using TC technology for avocados. The researchers are developing these technologies for the global industry, thus they would like to gather input from avocado growers around the world.

The ten-minute survey is anonymous and can be found here.

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