Superfood Spotlights Showcase Nutritional Value and Versatility of California Avocados

  • May 29, 2019

The California Avocado Commission created a series of Superfood Spotlights to provide targeted retailers with a means of sharing new recipe ideas and nutritional information about California avocados during peak season. The handouts are being shared with Retail Dietitians, Community Affairs and social media contacts at targeted retailers including; Albertsons, Bristol Farms, Gelson’s, New Seasons Market, Mollie Stone’s, PCC, Raley’s and Ralphs.

The double-sided one-page Superfood Spotlight handouts include California avocado nutrition information, versatile recipe usage ideas, the California avocado nutrition facts label and key 2019 marketing messages. The Superfood Spotlight themes are:

  • The Food that Fits
  • Cook Like a Californian: Fresh, Flavorful, Fun!
  • Three Reasons to Eat In-season

Promoting in-season California avocados, the retailers share the handouts at in-store events, demos, cooking classes, community events and grand openings. Albertsons-Safeway will host four three-hour demos (two in Northern California and two in the southern region of the state) and distribute the Spotlights to interested shoppers. The handouts were paired with California avocado cutters as part of the Raley’s Team Education and Wellness Program swag bag. Raley’s also will showcase the handouts as part of the chain’s California Avocado Consumer Sweepstakes Facebook promotion during Memorial Day Week. The Great Gelson’s California Avocado Festival will include CAC’s Superfood Spotlights and recipe booklets as part of their in-store tours. Digital versions also were shared on Gelson’s blog. New Seasons Market is using the Superfood Spotlights at in-store events and as part of their one-on-one nutrition counseling sessions with customers.

By creating and sharing California avocado-branded handouts, the Commission leverages the communications power of third-party influencers at point of purchase, while building loyalty with top-tier retailers to help them promote California avocados in season.

One of the Superfood Spotlights showcases how California avocados can be integrated into a variety of eating styles and dietary preferences.

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