Super Duper Burgers and Mixt Promote Fresh California Avocados During Peak Season

  • Sep 22, 2020

Two California-based restaurant chains encouraged diners to take advantage of peak California avocado season by venturing out and picking up unique California avocado menu items at one of their locations. Thirteen Mixt locations across the state showcased the fruit from July 6 – July 30, with a dozen Super Duper Burgers locations in Northern California running California avocado promotions from July 25 – August 31.

With foodservice chains facing unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19, the California Avocado Commission (CAC) helped each chain develop eye-catching digital and social media promotions with California avocado branded assets in an effort to drive interest in each chain’s unique California avocado menu items. Rich images of California avocado groves, the California Avocados brand logo and avocado beauty shots were coupled with engaging California avocado facts on the chains’ Instagram and Facebook pages. In addition, both Super Duper Burgers and Mixt featured their “local sourcing” partnership with California avocado growers, proudly touting the benefits of supporting local agriculture on their websites.

By partnering with foodservice restaurant chains, the Commission can build awareness around the California avocado season and generate excitement for the fruit with chain menu offerings that appeal to a broad range of culinary lifestyles. Promotions such as these benefit California avocado growers by encouraging sales, assist the Commission’s foodservice partners and expose consumers to new ways of enjoying the fruit, inspiring them to incorporate avocados into their at-home snacks and meals.

Super Duper Burgers touted California avocados as the “perfect addition” to any of their burgers.

The Super Duper Burgers chain proudly showcased its “local sourcing” of California avocados on its website.

This Instagram post encouraged Super Duper diners to add fresh California avocados to any meal of their choosing.

Healthy lifestyle restaurant chain Mixt showcased a web story about its “local sourcing” of the Golden State fruit.

The Commission provided Mixt with images of California avocado groves that were showcased on the chain’s Instagram channel.

Mixt used this CAC image to accompany facts about the premium fruit of interest to its diners.

Mixt’s post featuring Be Well Salad with fresh slices of California avocados was a hit on the chain’s Instagram page.

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