Successful Big Game Retail Promotions Mark the Start of the Early California Avocado Season

  • Mar 06, 2019

To provide California avocado growers with outlets for their early season harvests and encourage sales of California avocados during a key consumption period, the California Avocado Commission (CAC) partnered with two upscale retail chains to launch integrated in-store and social media campaigns pairing the fruit with Big Game day celebrations.

From January 23 – February 5, Mollie Stone’s locations in the San Francisco Bay area and Gelson’s Markets units in Southern California conducted Big Game-themed display and sales contests. The creative Big Game-themed California avocado displays were a success with Mollie Stone’s reporting very good contest participation and successful sales of fresh California avocados during the event. Each of the retailers showcased California avocados in Big Game ads, printed assets and online promotions.

In addition, the retailers and the Commission highlighted fresh California avocados with engaging, targeted Big Game posts on their social media platforms. The early season social media initiatives garnered outstanding results. Gelson’s secured more than 46,000 impressions on Facebook, about 47,500 on Instagram and greater than 27,500 on Twitter. Mollie Stone’s Big Game social media campaign garnered nearly 36,000 Facebook impressions and an additional 19,000 on Twitter.

Gelson’s announced the start of California avocado season with Big Game posts on their Facebook page.

Southern California Gelson’s units crafted unique Big Game California avocado displays.

Via Twitter, Mollie Stone’s encouraged consumers to enjoy guacamole made with fresh California avocados as part of their Big Game day celebrations.

This Mollie Stone’s Big Game display has everything a consumer needs to celebrate with California avocados.

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