Study Indicates Super Shoppers Proactively Choose California Avocados

  • Jan 09, 2019

Just 25 percent of all avocado shoppers account for nearly three out of every four avocado purchases. Because these valuable avocado shoppers, designated as “Super Shoppers” by the California Avocado Commission (CAC), account for such a large proportion of all avocado purchases, the Commission conducted a study in Summer 2018 to investigate their shopping behavior and preferences.

In particular, the Commission was interested in ascertaining whether this segment of Super Shoppers proactively seeks and buys California avocados. According to the study, that is indeed the case. Among these shoppers, California has the highest awareness of any avocado growing region, at more than 94 percent. In addition, the study indicated that more than one in five Super Shoppers:

  • Proactively looks for California avocados
  • Proactively seeks locally grown signage
  • Chooses to purchase California avocados over avocados from other growing regions when given a choice in the store

“Avocado Super Shoppers drive category volume,” noted Jan DeLyser, CAC vice president marketing. “This study helps the Commission understand their opinions and behaviors to hone our marketing tactics towards them.” In addition to understanding the shopping habits of this valued consumer segment, the study serves to establish a baseline for future comparison that will allow CAC to determine the value of marketing programs in stimulating brand engagement with this key shopper segment.

The vast majority of Super Shoppers indicated they are aware of California as a unique avocado growing region.

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