State of the Avocado Category Report

  • May 21, 2021

The State of the Avocado Category report uses IRI FreshLook data to provide an overview of long-term dollar sales and volume sales at retail for the total U.S. and the California region (2017-2020). It also provides an overview of all the regions in the country and a deep dive into the avocado category with particular attention paid to retail sales in California, including bagged vs. bulk avocados, organic vs. conventional avocados as well as sales per week and average retail price. It concludes with sections that delve into the positive impact of the California season on retail sales and overall development of the category in both California and Western markets (where California avocados are primarily sold and marketed).

Key data nuggets include:

  • In California, the California season averages over $5.2 million more sales per week than the non-California season and the gap is widening
  • In 2020, the California season lifted average weekly dollar sales (33%) and units (23%) and the average retail selling price was 8% higher during the California season
  • California sales velocity is increasing at twice the rate of the rest of the U.S. (103.1% vs. 47.9%, respectively)
  • California bagged avocado sales velocity ($2,352/million ACV (“all commodity volume”) was nearly twice as high as the rest of the U.S. ($1,202/million ACV)
  • Over the past four years, the average retail price of organic and conventional avocados in California have been consistently higher than the average price in the rest of the nation

The report was developed as a part of the California Avocado Commission’s Tiered-Account program. It includes detailed information and data that provides staff and agencies a more robust understanding of the avocado category and helps to form insights that drive the development of CAC’s marketing programs, which in turn can assist California avocado growers by increasing the velocity of sales and bolster FOB prices.

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