Social Media Platforms Broaden the California Avocado Month Campaign

  • Jul 25, 2017

While consumers increasingly associate avocado dishes with summer, some may be unaware that June is California Avocado Month. To broaden awareness of California Avocado Month and encourage consumers to enjoy the fruit during the height of its season, the California Avocado Commission (CAC) utilized its social media platforms to share recipes, events, nutritional information and live demonstrations with fans. By doing so, the Commission was able to reach a diverse audience of California avocado fans who could, in turn, share their love of avocados with their friends on their own social media pages. Overall, the California Avocado Month social media posts garnered more than 1 million impressions.

The Commission provided its fans with the opportunity to engage with an avocado expert by hosting a Facebook Live video event with Bonnie Taub-Dix (MA, RD, CDN). To generate excitement about the live social media event, CAC shared Facebook posts encouraging fans to save the date and tune into the live stream Q&A session. During the video stream, Bonnie shared nutritional information and California avocado recipe tips while answering fans’ questions. After the event, Bonnie continued to answer fan questions posted in the comments. To date, the video has received 92,000 views.

Manuel Villacorta (MS, RD) shared educational information with California avocado fans that demonstrates how the fresh fruit can provide the prebiotic and probiotic nutrition needed for a healthy gut. The information, which was shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, reached more than 15,000 users.

CAC also partnered with HelloSociety to create eight unique Instagram posts to build excitement for California Avocado Month. The posts — crafted and shared by Instagram influencers Erica Coffman, Julie Lee and Lee Tilghman — included beautiful food images and a collage with California avocados. Julie Lee’s son was featured in one of the posts eating his favorite food — California avocados.

Finally, to encourage consumers to shop at retail locations celebrating California Avocado Month, the Commission shared recipes and retailer content across all its social media channels throughout June — promoting in-store demos, events and consumer recipe contests featuring the fruit.

The California Avocado Month content reached more than 232,000 users. The Instagram influencer content delivered more than 818,000 impressions and more than 26,600 engagements.

Bonnie Taub-Dix answered California avocado fans’ questions while demonstrating avocado preparation tips and new sharing new recipe ideas during a Facebook live video event.

Manuel Villacorta shared California avocado recipe ideas that can improve gut health.

The Commission shared summer recipes while reminding its social media fans that June is California Avocado Month.

Instagram influencer Lee Tilghman promoted the healthful benefits of California avocados with eye-catching photos.

CAC partner Julie Lee shares a charming photo of her son eating his favorite food — California avocados.

Erica Coffman shared one of her favorite summer salads — featuring California avocados — with her Instagram fans.

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