San Diego County Encourages Growers to Complete Crop Report Questionnaire

  • Feb 04, 2020

The 2019 San Diego County Crop Report Questionnaire is now available from the Agriculture, Weights and Measures department. California avocado growers are encouraged to complete the survey to ensure the report accurately reflects the agricultural industry in this county. The report is used to guide policy and funding decisions, inform the public about the value of agriculture to the local economy, provide researchers with accurate data, and determine the county’s production rank in California and the nation. Data is kept confidential and will be used solely to compile relevant annual commodity statistics.

The questionnaire was mailed to growers and should be completed even if you are no longer in business but did grow crops in San Diego in 2019. The questionnaire also can be downloaded.

Responses are due February 28 and can be faxed to 858.467.9697 or emailed to If you choose to mail the questionnaire, you may use the envelope that was included with the mailed survey.

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