Retailers Celebrate May with California Avocados

  • Jun 09, 2018

Throughout the month of May, the California Avocado Commission’s retail partners celebrated the start of peak California avocado season with a variety of in-store, social media, online and print promotions encouraging shoppers to purchase California avocados and incorporate them into their early summer celebratory menus.

Safeway NorCal, Bristol Farms and Mollie Stone’s locations hosted display and sales contests using the Commission’s California avocado display bins as an attractive centerpiece. The successful retail promotions resulted in double-digit increases in sales units and dollars over the prior year for the participating stores.

More than 140 Safeway NorCal locations supplemented their sales contest by applying “Made with California Avocado” stickers to their guacamole packages made fresh in-store. As part of Mollie Stone’s promotions, stores shared new recipe ideas with their shoppers by distributing the Commission’s recipe booklets and tear pads. Bristol Farms ran pre-Cinco-de-Mayo clipless coupon programs as part of its Passport to Savings Program and hosted California avocado in-store demos. The Commission also “took over” Bristol Farms’ Instagram feed, sharing California avocado-branded videos and eye-catching content pieces encouraging shoppers to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with unique dishes featuring their favorite Golden State fruit.

Other California avocado-themed promotions took place at the following retailers:

  • Dierbergs showcased California avocados and a guacamole seasoning mix with in-store demos at 25 stores located in and around St. Louis, Missouri
  • Walmart conducted a series of California-themed co-marketing demos at more than 125 stores located across Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah
  • Prior to Memorial Day, 87 Sam’s Club locations hosted California avocado demos with a salsa partner at locations in Arizona, California, Nevada and Arizona
  • The Commission partnered with Pavilions on a May 16 grand opening promotion featuring a California Reed avocado grower, as well as custom POS and California avocado tastings in 27 stores from mid-May to late June

The Commission took over Bristol Farms’ Instagram platform, sharing mouth-watering California avocado recipes perfect for Cinco de Mayo entertaining.

Clipless coupons at Bristol Farms provided shoppers with on-site California avocado savings opportunities.

This Mother’s Day California avocado display was featured at a Bristol Farms location.

Safeway NorCal encouraged shoppers to purchase fresh guacamole made with California avocados.

Mollie Stone’s celebrated Cinco de Mayo with this creative California avocado display.

Pavilions ran a California Reed avocado promotion as part of a grand opening celebration.

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