Retail Promotions Encourage In-season Purchases of California Avocados

  • Aug 12, 2021

Major chain retailers who partner with the California Avocado Commission on promotional campaigns help deliver solid returns for growers while broadening brand awareness and loyalty across the western U.S., some examples follow.

Walmart, which purchases size 60 and smaller California avocados, ran an on- and off-site California avocado media campaign in western units throughout May and June. The campaign showcased a “spotlight video” with influencer overlays during California Avocado Month, expanding awareness of the fruit’s seasonal availability. These digital pieces secured 4 – 5 million impressions and helped encourage demand for smaller sized California avocados.

Natural Grocers stores in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana and Utah featured organic California avocados as part of their June Meal Deal promotion. The all-organic retail chain paired its California avocado advertising promotions with loyalty card offers for shoppers, ensuring customers saw the California avocado creative during peak season. In June, the chain focused on Father’s Day with a Meal Deal promotion showcasing fresh California avocados as the perfect “upgrade” to hamburgers grilled at home. The sales results were impressive for a first-time promotion with a 21% lift in sales (6,500 cases over the previous year) for the locally grown fruit.

Fresh Market features all sizes of California avocados — including both conventionally- and organically-grown fruit. As part of its merchandising and promotions, Fresh Market created a magazine insertion showcasing the Golden State fruit and distributed it in-store and via mailer. More than 1 million magazines with the insertion were distributed to help broaden awareness of California avocado distribution East of the Mississippi.

Natural Grocers’ Meal Deal ad encouraged shoppers to “upgrade” their burgers with fresh California avocados.

Fresh Market distributed this magazine insert showcasing California avocados to more than 1 million shoppers.

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