Retail Market Basket Study Demonstrates California Avocado Season Increases Retail Sales

  • Apr 10, 2020

To better understand avocado shopper trends and develop insights that lead to retail sales opportunities, the California Avocado Commission (CAC) completed the 2020 Avocado Purchase Trends and Retail Market Basket Study utilizing household purchasing data from the IRI Consumer Network™.  Retail market data was collected throughout 2018, in two 26-week periods, to compare the California season to the non-California season.

The report revealed that retail sales increase during the California avocado season within the Golden State. During the peak season:

  • About seven million more shopper baskets have avocados in them
  • Shoppers buy more often (by 14 percent) and the percent of households who buy avocados increases by more than 4 percent
  • More baskets have avocados in them, and when avocados are purchased the basket grows from $31.85 to $67.80 — an increase of 113 percent

Using this data, CAC’s regional marketing directors can demonstrate to retailers how well California avocados sell during peak season and how avocado purchases positively impact the sales of other produce items. In addition, insights into California avocado shoppers’ purchasing habits help the Commission develop marketing programs for retailers that drive sales of fresh California avocados in season.

The Commission’s Market Basket sell sheet demonstrates to retailers the increase in retail sales during the California avocado season.

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