Researchers Seek Growers with Salinity or Phytophthora Root Rot Issues for Research Project

  • Mar 13, 2017

CSU Monterey Bay in conjunction with UC Riverside is conducting a research project to help growers diagnose avocado salinity stress and root rot disease early on. Both of these stressors can significantly lower yields. Researchers are interested finding indicator microbes that could help with avocado tree stress detection and potentially identify beneficial microbes. Researchers are looking for growers who currently have salinity problems and/or Phytophthora root rot and who would be willing to have them take leaf, root, and soil samples on their properties within the next few weeks. Data and locations will be kept completely confidential. If the researchers select your growing site for the study, they are happy to provide leaf and soil nutrient data to growers for free and will share the results of the microbial study. Please contact Dr. Sharifa Crandall and Dr. Timothy Miles at (831) 334-2828 and if you would like to participate in the research project.  

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