Recipe Section of Commission's Consumer Website Undergoes Complete Overhaul

  • Jan 22, 2019

To remain relevant in the crowded and competitive digital sphere, the California Avocado Commission (CAC) routinely analyzes its website performance to identify new opportunities to engage with avocado consumers and other visitors to its website, Maintaining a high quality website ensures that the CAC target consumer has a place to learn about California avocados and the California season, and helps to differentiate California avocados and portray them positively.

Throughout the last year, the Commission made a series of significant changes based on its research and analytics in order to leverage features and experiences that improve the user experience and drive repeat visits to the site.

The recipe section of the website underwent a complete overhaul, including an attractive new layout that can be customized according to a consumer’s preferences. The user can elect to show fewer or more images and select from an image-based or list-based layout. To ensure consumers can find recipes specific to their tastes and lifestyles, the recipe search functionality was updated to include searches by recipe category and specific dietary needs. The Commission also completed behind-the-scenes improvements on recipe categorization and tags to improve search results.

Highlighting recipe nutrition information is another change that is being implemented. This project includes both website design and nutrition analysis. Key nutrition points that consumers search for, calories, fat, fiber, sodium and carbohydrates (carbs), are now showcased in a way that makes it easier for both consumers and search engines to find. The latter helps make California avocado recipes show up more prominently when consumers search for recipes online. Conducting new nutrition analysis and updating recipes to this new format is an ongoing project in 2019.

An example of the new nutritional highlights format is shown here in this California avocado grower recipe, O’Hara Family Guacamole.

Guacamole recipes are among the most popular recipes on the website, and CAC refreshes its guacamole menu periodically.

Are you a California avocado grower with a great avocado recipe that you’d be willing to share? For an opportunity to be part of the experience please contact Online Marketing Director Zac Benedict at 949.341.1955.

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