Recent Oxnard Area Avocado Theft and Arrest

  • May 15, 2018

On May 7, deputies in the Oxnard area were dispatched for an avocado theft in progress at a nearby grove. The suspect, later identified as Oxnard resident Leobardo Govea, stole several pounds of avocados and fled on a bicycle. Deputies later arrested Govea at a nearby fruit stand after he was positively identified by the person who reported the theft.


If you have experienced recent avocado thefts and suspect Govea (pictured below) was involved, contact the Sheriff’s Dispatch at 805.654.9511 and ask that a deputy visit your location to file a crime report.


Authorities noted that avocado thefts in Ventura County have increased due to the high demand and market price for the fruit. They warn that California avocado growers in the unincorporated area of Oxnard should take additional steps to protect their property and report all suspicious activity to the Sheriff’s Dispatch. When reporting suspicious activity:

  • Call 911
  • Note the person’s age, height, weight, facial hair, clothing and shoe type
  • If a vehicle is present, note the license plate number, vehicle color, bumper stickers, body damage, tires/wheels, camper shell, etc
  • Note the time and last known direction of travel of the suspect(s)

The California Avocado Commission has a number of theft prevention resources available on its website, including avocado theft protection signs, an avocado theft reporting hotline and an anti-theft reward program.

Leobardo Sebastian Govea

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