Profile of a Ventura County Avocado Thief

  • Mar 14, 2016

Agriculture Crimes Detective Chip Cadman recently released information concerning the theft of avocados in the Santa Paula area. Deputies detained and later arrested Jorge Chavez for petty theft with priors and receiving stolen property in an unincorporated area of Santa Paula. Chavez was found walking away from a local avocado property with sweatpants made into a makeshift backpack containing avocados. Chavez told Deputies he had permission to harvest the fruit, but Deputies quickly established this was a lie. Chavez then told Deputies that it was the ranch owner’s fault for not building a fence high enough to protect the avocado trees and keep him out.

Detective Cadman cautions avocado growers in the area to take steps to protect their property. If growers witness suspicious activity, they should report it immediately by calling 911. Note the suspect’s age, height, weight, facial hair, clothing and shoe type. If a vehicle is involved, note the license plate, make of the vehicle and any distinguishing features of the vehicle. Also note the time of the incident and the direction in which the suspect(s) travelled. 

Below is a photo of Chavez. Please make note of the photo and contact the Sheriff’s department if he is, or has been, sighted on your property. Detective Cadman can be reached at 805.384.4726 or

Please make note of this photo and contact the Sheriff's department if he is, or has been, sighted on your property.

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