Online Training Available Concerning Invasive Shot Hole Borers

  • Jul 09, 2019

To help members of the agricultural industry manage the threat of invasive shot hole borers (ISHB), the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR), the California Department of Food and Agriculture, the Ventura County Agricultural Commissioner and the U.S. Forest Service developed a $5 million statewide ISHB action plan for the California Invasive Advisory Committee. As part of that plan, UC ANR has released an online ISHB training course.

The course consists of four parts:

  • History and impacts of ISHB
  • Biology of ISHB
  • Symptoms and look-alike pests
  • ISHB monitoring and management

The course is free and available via the eXtension Campus online learning platform. To access the course, users will need to create a free account.  

The UC ANR ISHB website also has a number of other useful resources for California avocado growers including:

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