Newly Released Dietary Guidelines Share Positive Information about Avocados

  • Apr 13, 2021

Every five years the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services issue Dietary Guidelines for Americans providing science-based advice on what to eat and drink to promote health, reduce risk of chronic disease and meet nutrient needs. The guidelines serve as an important resource for health professionals and consumers alike and provide impactful information about the nutritional value of avocados.

One of the major changes in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025 is the recommended limitation of added sugars to no more than 6% of total calories — a significant reduction from the 10% limit advised in the 2015-2020 edition. In keeping with this recommendation, the guide suggests Americans limit foods and beverages with higher added sugars, saturated fat and sodium, while also limiting alcoholic beverages. California avocados are good options for those looking to follow these dietary guidelines because they are naturally sugar, sodium and cholesterol free with over75% of the fat in avocado unsaturated fat.

The Dietary Guidelines also recommend people meet food group needs by selecting nutrient-dense foods and beverages while staying within calorie limits. California avocados are a great option because they provide substantial amounts of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and have relatively few calories. It is also recommended that people consume whole foods including good fats. Fresh California avocados provide “good” fats, 1 gram polyunsaturated fat and 5 grams monounsaturated fat per 1/3 medium avocado serving. The Dietary Guidelines also encourage consumption of avocados in the fruits/vegetables category, as well as the oil category as a fat low in saturated fat.

Consumers continue to press for nutritional information about the food they consume, therefore the California Avocado Commission will disseminate this helpful information to customers and consumers demonstrating how California avocados can be included in a healthy diet. The Commission integrates avocado nutrition information with California avocado-specific communication, encouraging consumers to look for California avocados in season and add the fruit to a variety of snack and meal occasions.

The cover of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025 features mashed avocados.

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