New Year’s Resolutions Email Touts the Healthy Benefits of California Avocados

  • Feb 07, 2017

By mid-January, despite their best intentions many people have neglected their New Year’s resolutions. To help consumers stay or get back on track with their healthy resolutions, the California Avocado Commission (CAC) distributed a New Year’s Resolutions themed email blast to its fans showcasing the healthy attributes of California avocados.  

The email highlighted the new avocado serving size — one-third of a medium avocado — and reminded California avocado fans that the California avocados are healthy and naturally nutritious. In addition, fans were provided with a variety of appetizing California avocado-centric recipes and a link to CAC’s seven-day meal plan created by Registered Dietitian Katie Ferraro.

CAC’s email program serves as a year-round resource for California avocado fans — providing fans with nutrition information, recipes and interesting facts about the fruit. Although California avocados are not in season in January, the New Year’s Resolutions email served as a reminder of the upcoming California avocado season. By bookmarking the recipes showcased in the email, California avocado fans may be more likely to check the label on the fruit when California avocado season begins.

The New Year’s Resolutions email was delivered to 236,000 fans and opened 26,553 times, resulting in an 11.3 percent open rate.

CAC’s New Year’s Resolution-themed email elicited a positive response from fans.

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