New Online Resource Focused on Redbay Ambrosia Beetle and Laurel Wilt Disease

  • Jul 27, 2021

Raffaela lauricola, the causal agent of laurel wilt disease is a devastating pathogen that has the potential to greatly impact the California avocado industry. Laurel wilt is a vascular wilt disease that has led to substantial mortality on trees in the Lauraceae family since it was first found in the southeastern United States in 2004. The pathogen is transferred by redbay ambrosia beetles, which are rapidly spreading across the southern United States.

In an effort to build awareness around the pest-disease complex and help growers mitigate the threat, the University of Florida Tropical Research and Education Center has launched an online portal gathering information related to laurel wilt disease. The site provides:

  • A basic overview of laurel wilt and the redbay ambrosia beetle
  • A map of areas affected by the disease
  • Findings concerning 32 avocado cultivars and their susceptibility to laurel wilt
  • Useful photos documenting infestations and laurel wilt symptoms
  • Current control strategies research and recommendations
  • Future research prospects

For additional information about this pest-disease complex read the following articles on the California avocado growers website:

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