New Avocado Snacking Recipes Developed to Kick Off California Avocado Season

  • Mar 13, 2014

According to the Fall 2013 Tracking Study, approximately 31 percent of respondents in the Commission’s ad markets eat avocados as a snack on a monthly basis — a clear opportunity to increase usage. That same study also clearly demonstrated that consumers in ad markets continue to use avocados in ways featured in CAC’s promotional materials. With that in mind, during January and February CAC’s marketing team completed development of more than a dozen avocado snacking recipes.

The process began in October with recipe concepts developed based on analysis of consumer recipe trends and performance on CAC’s website, as well as CAC’s strategic needs and nutrition profile. Registered dietitians and professional recipe developers across the nation then developed recipes, with the key criteria of delicious taste, appetizing appearance and fit with a healthy lifestyle. Recipes were prepared, tested and tweaked repeatedly until just the right taste, texture and appearance were achieved. CAC also provides nutrition analysis on key recipes in keeping with CAC’s emphasis on fresh, wholesome ingredients that don’t provide excessive amounts of calories, fat or sodium. Finally, professional photographers captured appetizing shots of each recipe, such as California Avocado B.L.A.T Spears, to showcase California avocado preparation in CAC’s consumer blog.

Because California avocado fans love new recipes and search for them online and via social media, these newly developed snacking recipes are expected to expand usage of California avocados, attract new fans and keep current fans coming back for more throughout California avocado season and for important promotional events such as Cinco de Mayo and American Summer Holidays. The new recipes will be used as Public Relations tools to encourage third parties to share California avocado premium brand messaging, and California Fresh Snacking recipe brochures will be made available to retailers to drive in-store purchases.

As part of the snacking initiative, Katie Ferraro, MPH, RD, CDE, developed four snack recipes in the 100-calorie range to support CAC’s California Fresh Snacking Initiative: BLT & Avocado Potato Bites, California Avocado Cucumber Cups, Jicama Avocado Slaw on Rice Crackers and Power Hour Pick-Me-Up Smoothie. CAC’s co-marketing partners, Gourmet Garden™ Herbs and Spices and Milton’s® Crackers, also will help promote a simple new recipe, California Avocado Cracker Snacks.

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