Memorial Day California Avocado Promotions Yield Outstanding Results

  • Jul 06, 2018

As consumers prepared for Memorial Day, the California Avocado Commission (CAC) partnered with select retailers to showcase unique and easy-to-prepare ways to enjoy fresh California avocados as part of their summer celebrations.

Gelson’s locations across Southern California participated in a three-week California avocado sales contest from May 21 – June 10, creating impactful California avocado displays to drive sales of the fruit. In addition, each retail location housed a one-day cross-promotional demo showcasing slices of Houweling’s tomato, fresh California avocado, hard-cooked egg and a smattering of red pepper flakes atop a slice of whole grain bread.

To showcase the ease with which a healthful summer snack can be prepared, 75 Stater Bros. stores in Southern California served Triscuit®crackers topped with California-grown Houweling’s tomatoes and sliced avocados. The three-day demo period garnered more than 9,400 shopper intercepts, 51,000 consumer impressions and a combined consumer awareness outreach of 60,525. The units sold during the event exceeded the customer’s expectations.

To round out the Memorial Day promotions, 87 Sam’s Club stores in Arizona, California Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming showcased California avocado guacamole with Member’s Mark Fresh Salsa during in-store demos. The promotion was a demonstrable success — with participating Sam’s Club locations that hosted the California avocado-themed demos selling 70 percent more bags than stores without demos during the promotional week.

CAC’s partners shared posts on social media showcasing the cross promotional Houweling’s tomatoes, Triscuit® crackers and California avocado in-store demos.

A food demo coordinator encouraged fans to visit the Huntington Beach Stater Bros. location to enjoy fresh California avocados.

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