Laurel Wilt Research Update Zoom Meeting

  • May 14, 2020

The Bark Beetle Mycobiome Network is hosting a “Current Status of Laurel Wilt Research” online meeting on Wednesday, May 20 from 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. eastern time (a recording will be available after the meeting is completed). During the meeting, scientists and researchers studying laurel wilt will share their diverse findings with participants.  

Click here for the Zoom meeting invite. Complete information can be found online.

The presentations are as follows:


  • Jiri Hulcr: Short introduction to the Bark Beetle Mycobiome group 


  • Josh Konkol: GFP strain, colonization of the host plant by R. lauricola
  • Jeff Rollins: Studying R. lauricola pathogenesis through comparative genomics and transcriptomics
  • Qiang Wang: An efficient CRISPR/Cas9 gene knock-out system in R. lauricola
  • Ross A. Joseph: Generation of multiple R. lauricola reporter strains and their use in colonization and infection studies


  • Daniel Carrillo: Laurel wilt vectors in avocado
  • Octavio Menocal Sandoval: Breeding Xyleborus, behavior of mating and symbiont swap
  • Kirsten Stelinski: Investigating the role of the Xyleborus microbial community in R. lauricola transmission


  • Denita Hadziabdic: Laurel wilt advancing North
  • Robin Choudhury: LW dispatch from the Texas front
  • Andrés Lira Noriega: Modelling for risk assessment of laurel wilt in Mexico
  • Jason Smith: Redbay heritable resistance and rebounding populations


  • Caterina Villari: Rapid in-field detection of R. lauricola from host and vector tissues using LAMP
  • DeEtta (Dee) Mills: Detector dogs
  • Pedro Parra Giraldo: Culture-independent Laurel Wilt diagnosis in avocado groves


  • Romina Gazis: Testing “Out-Of-The-Box” Ideas to Control Laurel Wilt of Avocado
  • José Luis Olivares-Romero: Synthesis of novel insecticides for the management of ambrosia beetles
  • Jonathan Crane: Laurel wilt status in avocado groves and grower-initiated control testing
  • Xavier Martini and Derrick Connover: Push-pull system to protect redbay and avocado against Laurel Wilt
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