Important Notice for San Diego TSAWR Customers

  • Jan 06, 2021

Agricultural customers in the San Diego County Water Authority service area should be aware the Transitional Special Agricultural Water Rate program became the Permanent Special Agricultural Water Rate program as of January 1, 2021. For those currently enrolled in the TSAWR, they will be automatically transferred to the new PSAWR and can remain in the program through June 30, 2021.

However, in order for previous TSAWR customers to remain in the PSAWR program beyond June 30, agricultural customers must complete an application for the PSAWR program and be in one of the four eligibility programs:

  • San Diego Growers List - Pesticide Use
  • Active Certified Producers Certificate – County of San Diego
  • Organic Producers - United States Department of Agriculture
  • San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board General Agricultural Order Enrollment Program

The PSAWR program will be open to new qualified participants and there is no minimum amount of land that must be dedicated to agricultural purposes in order to qualify.

Water districts will be contacting agricultural customers to remind them to enroll in PSAWR before June 30. For more complete information about the PSAWR, download the SDCWA’s PSAWR Handbook.

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