Growers Report Yellow Leaves in California Avocado Groves

  • Feb 13, 2020

According to Dr. Ben Faber, growers have been noting that their California avocado trees have a significant number of yellow leaves on them right now. Dr. Faber notes there isn’t much to be done about the yellow leaves — the foliage will re-green with warmer temperatures.

The leaves of subtropical trees, like avocado trees, turn yellow in winter as they go into a dormant state that is a protective measure against cooler temperatures and the threat of frost. Yellowing tends to occur after a warm fall season with favorable growing conditions; in winter, the root systems die back due to a lack of stored starch and thus the leaves turn yellow. Yellowing also can occur due to high salt concentrations near the root zone due to a lack of rain or, conversely, by waterlogged root zones caused by heavy rains.

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