Growers Encouraged to Complete Gibberellic Acid Survey

  • Apr 14, 2020

In early 2018, the plant growth regulator gibberellic acid (GA) was, after many years of trialing, approved for use on avocados in California for the purpose of increasing fruit set and size. The registration for GA is a special local needs registration (SLN), and only the specific product named in the SLN — ProGibb LV Plus® from valent BioSciences Corporation — can be used under the registration at this time. The SLN registration allows for one application of ProGibb LV Plus per year at the cauliflower stage of bloom. The product may be applied by air or ground.

The California Avocado Commission (CAC) is interested in learning about your experiences using ProGibb LV Plus, or why you have not used the product since it became available. As CAC works with Valent BioSciences toward a full label registration, there is the potential to make label modifications to allow for better utilization of the product. Thus, your input is critical to informing our efforts. In addition to being used in the full registration process, the aggregated results of this survey will be summarized in an article in an upcoming issue of From the Grove magazine; individual survey responses will be kept anonymous. 

To participate, please click here to access the survey. Your time in responding to the survey is greatly appreciated.  

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