Grants Available for Growers Who Install New Irrigation Technology

  • Apr 05, 2016

San Diego Gas and Electric awarded the San Diego County Farm Bureau with a $50,000 grant in order to provide qualified growers with mini-grants up to $1,000 each. The grants will be made available to qualified growers who install new irrigation technology as part of the Permanent Load Shift Technology Program (PLSTP).  Growers who participate in PLSTP will gather data via wired or wireless moisture sensors from their high-energy use pumps. This data will provide growers with more targeted irrigation and will allow them to shift the times of their pumping and irrigation to off-peak times. As a result, growers should experience both increased water and energy savings.

To apply, interested growers must complete the PLSTP application. Growers will need to provide a brief description of how they currently use water pumps in their groves. 

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