Gem Avocado Presentation Now Available Online

  • Oct 15, 2019

In September, Dr. Jonathon Dixon, former California Avocado Commission Research Program Director and current Chief technical officer for Seeka, a New Zealand-based produce company, conducted a seminar on Gem avocados. His presentation is now available on the California avocado grower website.

Highlights from the presentation include:

  • The characteristics of Gem avocados that make it an attractive option for growers, including its compact growth habit, its tolerance for extreme temperatures and less impactful alternate bearing cycles
  • An overview of the Gem industry in New Zealand
  • Dr. Dixon’s observations of newly-planted Gem groves, including challenges faced and lessons learned
  • A review of fertilizers and their effectiveness
  • Best practices to avoid quality issues
  • A summary of efforts to establish dry matter maturity standards for Gem
  • Tree spacing and the benefits of various tree support structures
  • A synopsis of future Gem research projects
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