Fresh California Avocado Dishes Inspire Chain Menu Decision Makers at ICCA

  • Jul 31, 2017

California Avocado Commission (CAC) staff met with chain menu developers and R&D decision-makers at the 2017 International Corporate Chef Association (ICCA) 15th Annual Summit in Portland, Oregon from June 25 – 28. The event, which was held at the Benson Hotel, played host to key contacts from the nation’s top 200 chain restaurants.

Throughout the conference attendees sampled a variety of fresh California avocado menu items during meals and breaks, including: Deep-fried California Avocados, California Avocado Vegetarian Quiche, Pollock Taco with California Avocado Crema, California Avocado Croque ‘Oscar’ and Fresh California Avocados at the omelet station.

CAC staff discussed fresh California avocado menu ideas and the benefits of adding the dishes to 2018 menus with representatives from Applebee’s, El Pollo Loco, Elior North America, Jason’s Deli, Landry’s Seafood Restaurant, Nordstrom Restaurant Division, Peet’s Coffee & Tea (food division), Pei Wei Diner, Qdoba Restaurant Corporation, Taco John’s International and Touchpoint Support Services (a division of Compass).

Todd Huppert (L) and Jason Henderson of Captain D’s eagerly reach for Deep Fried California Avocados.

Heather Gardea, El Pollo Loco, serves herself a portion of California Avocado Vegetarian Quiche.

California Avocados at the omelet station.

John Frick, Eat n’ Park, enjoying Cali Croque ‘Oscar’

Bob Karisny, Taco John’s International, selects a California Avocado Lumpia.

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