Follow-up Information from CAC Grower Meeting with SCE on Public Safety Power Shutoff

  • Nov 09, 2018

At a recent California Avocado Commission meeting with Southern California Edison (SCE) representatives to discuss their Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS), avocado growers expressed several concerns and raised some great questions. As a reminder, SCE’s PSPS protocol would shut power off during extreme weather events to mitigate the potential for wildfires. In response to a couple of those questions, SCE has provided the following information.

SCE Vegetation Management

Growers expressed frustration that SCE had not conducted necessary vegetation management in the past that would have mitigated potential fire fuel. A few growers had recently contacted SCE to identify areas that needed vegetation management but indicated no action had been taken.

SCE has provided the following contacts for growers regarding vegetation management concerns:

Jon Pancoast, Vegetation Management Group Manager
Phone: 310.608.5216

Matt Saddler, Vegetation Management Technician
Phone: 805.497.5683

SCE PSPS Notifications

Some growers indicated they had not received communications from SCE regarding information on PSPS actions. SCE has provided the following ways for growers to ensure SCE has their updated contact information:

  • Phone: 800.655.4555
  • Log on to, go into “My Account” and update the contact information

Other considerations raised by growers included the possibility of an SCE rebate for the purchase of generators and questions on the continuation of “Standby Charges” if service may be interrupted under the PSPS. These are both heavy lifts, and the Commission will provide more information on these efforts as it becomes available. Growers should contact Ken Melban, CAC vice president of industry affairs, with any questions they may have.

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