Farmworker Wildfire Smoke Alert System Launched

  • Aug 10, 2021

Ventura County has launched a new text alert system for farmworkers that sends text-based warnings to subscribers when air conditions are such that farmworkers should be wearing masks to protect themselves from smoke caused by wildfires. The Farmworker Wildfire Smoke Alert Text System sends text messages when air pollution has reached a level where N-95 masks are suggested and when smoke has reached a level where the masks are mandatory. Per OSHA regulations, employers will provide NIOSH-approved respirators, such as an N-95 mask.

To opt into the system, farmworkers and employers can simply text ‘SMOKE’ or ‘HUMO’ to 855.522.0034. If you text ‘SMOKE,’ texts will be delivered in English; if you text ‘HUMO,’ texts will be delivered in Spanish

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