Educate, Inspire, Invite — Social Media Successes for Fall

  • Nov 14, 2017

Even as the California avocado season drew to a close, fans of the fruit continued to engage with the California Avocado Commission (CAC) on its social media channels — liking, sharing and commenting on a wide range of playful, educational and inspirational posts related to upcoming events and holidays, as well as trending topics on social media and digital platforms.

In September and October, the Commission shared a series of informative posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram educating consumers on the various ways avocados can be used, including as a butter substitute. Facebook and Instagram fans learned that riper avocados can be used in a variety of recipes, including Chocolate Quick Bread with California Avocado. To encourage new usage ideas, CAC also shared “20 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with an Avocado” with its Twitter fans. For September and October, CAC secured 145,000 impressions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for posts providing handling tips, usage ideas and educational content.

To celebrate the history of California avocados, the Commission’s Facebook page showcased an article from Smithsonian Magazine that chronicled how the Hass avocado “conquered the world.” As part of the Labor Day holiday, CAC paid tribute on Instagram to the “amazing people” who “strive for avocado greatness.” California avocado content related to holidays and cultural events reached more than 520,000 users on CAC’s social media channels in September and October.

As always, California avocado recipes were a favorite. Whether fans were tailgating with California Cowboy Caviar, celebrating National Guacamole Day, or enjoying Oktoberfest with Avocado Honey Mustard on a soft and salty pretzel, they could choose from a variety of recipes on CAC’s social media platforms. The Commission shared delicious — and spooky — Spider Avocado Deviled Egg party favor ideas for Halloween, a new twist on tacos for National Taco Day and encouraged consumers to try California avocados on pizza as part of National Pizza Month.

CAC’s sponsorship of and attendance at regional avocado festivals has always been a successful means of engaging one-on-one with consumers. Social media, however, broadens the impact of these events. CAC’s up-to-the-minute social media posts during the events showcased the celebrations for fans who could and could not attend. For those attending the festivals, CAC provided avocado-themed Snapchat filters to dress up photos attendees shared on their own pages. Prior to the festivals, the Commission also promoted the events on its social media channels by encouraging fans to attend. This content generated more than 580,000 social impressions, with many consumers tagging their friends and family on the posts in order to make plans to attend. In addition, more than 2,000 festival attendees utilized CAC’s custom Snapchat filters while enjoying the festivals.

The Commission shared an “avocado hacks” article that provided advice concerning how to ripen, slice and preserve an avocado.

Educational posts on CAC’s social media channels garnered 145,000 impressions in September and October.

Fans learned about new ways to use California avocados via social media posts.

This Labor Day post celebrated the seedling-to-supermarket efforts of the California avocado industry.

The Commission shared California-avocado centric recipes related to various cultural events with its fans.

Consumers tagged other friends and family members in social media posts as a means of inviting them to attend the festivals.

CAC’s social media posts about local California avocado festivals generated more than 580,000 social impressions.

Live event posts shared the California-avocado-experience with CAC’s fans.

Avocado-themed Snapchat filters were used to dress up photos taken by fans attending avocado festivals.

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