Denny’s Restaurant Chain Showcases California Avocados During Peak Season

  • Jun 24, 2019

Fresh California avocados will gain additional consumer exposure in California and Nevada through the end of the summer thanks to an upsell promotion at Denny’s restaurants. From April 8 through August 18, customers at 390 Denny’s units in California and 30 units in Nevada can add fresh California avocado to any/all items on the menu. As part of the promotion, Denny’s also placed particular focus on the new Southwest Chorizo Burger. The promotion was showcased through POP — including server buttons featuring the add-on suggestion — and posts on Denny’s social media channels encouraging consumers to add fresh California avocados to their burgers.

By partnering with foodservice chains, the Commission supports sales of fresh California avocados and expands consumers’ knowledge of how the fruit can be used in a variety of meals.

Server buttons encouraged Denny’s patrons to add fresh, local avocados to any item on the menu.

Posts on Denny’s social media channels showcased California avocados as the perfect burger topping.

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