Del Taco and Farmer Boys Launch California Avocado Summer Promotions

  • May 23, 2017

Throughout the summer, California avocado fans will have the opportunity to enjoy unique meals featuring their favorite California fruit at Del Taco and Farmer Boys locations.

On April 20, Del Taco introduced Wet Burritos topped with three slices of fresh California avocados. The promotion, which ends August 31, will run in 551 Del Taco locations throughout the Western United States. To celebrate the California avocado season, 67 Farmer Boys locations in California are running a “Salad Days of Summer” promotion that features fresh California avocados atop a Southwest Chicken Salad. The Farmer Boys limited-time-offer began May 8 and will end September 3.

As part of both foodservice chain promotions, the California Avocados logo is prominently positioned on all marketing pieces, including point-of-sales assets, free-standing-inserts and on each chain’s social media platforms.

The Wet Burrito promotion, featuring slices of fresh California avocado, will run in 551 Del Taco locations throughout the summer.

Slices of fresh California avocado top Farmer Boys’ Southwest Chicken Salad this summer.

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