Deadline to Enroll in San Diego Agricultural Order Is August 7

  • Jul 21, 2017

The deadline to enroll in the San Diego Agricultural Order is August 7, 2017. The San Diego Water Board adopted the Agricultural Order — which is a set of monitoring and reporting requirements regulating pollutant discharges from agricultural and nursery operations — in November 2016.

Approximately 6,000 agricultural operations will be subject to the Order. To comply with the Agricultural Order, growers can join a third-party group, such as the San Diego Region Irrigation Lands Group, or apply as an individual operation. The Order requires agricultural operations to implement effective management practices to minimize or eliminate the discharge of pollutants that may adversely impact waters. In order to be in compliance, agricultural operations must complete two hours of water quality training each year, prepare a Water Quality Protection Plan, submit quarterly self-inspection reports and an annual report, conduct surface water monitoring and sample well water for nitrates.

Complete information can be found online. For more information growers also may contact Barry Pulver at 619.521.3381 or

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