Crop Insurance Deadline — November 30

  • Nov 14, 2017

The deadline for California avocado growers to apply for 2019 crop insurance is November 30. The same deadline applies to those who are making changes to their existing crop insurance coverage.

Crop insurance provides growers with protection against crop production losses caused by drought, hail, excessive moisture, earthquake, fire, wildlife, failure of irrigation water supply or insects and plant disease (unless control measures have been insufficiently or improperly applied). All commercially grown Hass and Lamb-Hass avocados are insurable if the crop is irrigated and the crop has reached the sixth growing season or has produced at least 2,000 pounds of avocados per acre in one of the three most recent crop years. Groves may be subject to an inspection to determine insurability.

The current crop value rates set for the 2019 avocado crop are as follows:


  • Catastrophic - $.50/pound
  • Buy Up coverage - $.90/pound

Certified organic

  • Catastrophic - $.68/pound
  • Buy Up coverage - $1.22/pound

For specifics concerning avocado crop insurance, download the Risk Management Agency’s (RMA) Fact Sheet, send an email to or call 530.792.5870.

California avocado growers are encouraged to contact a private crop insurance agent to obtain coverage. A searchable list of crop insurance agents is available online.

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