Courses Available for Mandatory Education Component of Ventura County Irrigated Lands Conditional Waiver

  • Dec 12, 2019

In 2016, the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board adopted the Conditional Waiver of Waste Discharge Requirements — a five-year irrigated lands regulatory program that applies to all agricultural operations within Ventura County. The waiver requires owners of irrigated lands to measure and control discharges from their property.

The 2016 waiver includes rigorous requirements that involve reporting, analysis, data collection, tracking and mandatory best management practices surveys. The waiver allows landowners to work independently, or collectively as a “discharger group,” to comply with its provisions. To assist landowners with compliance, and alleviate costs, the Ventura County Agricultural Irrigated Lands Group (VCAILG) was formed. Compliance costs are shared by members of VCAILG and membership in VCAILG is voluntary.

As part of the Conditional Waiver compliance, operators must attend a two-hour water quality education session each year. To assist operators in locating an applicable training session, VCAILG has launched an Education page that lists new classes as they become available. Growers in the Ventura County region are encouraged to visit this page to find water quality educational sessions nearby.

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